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✨ New Feature: Phoning In Some Exciting News! 📱

Dear Future Pixelians 🙌

With this new feature, your Pixelian now comes with their very own mobile phone! 📱

Mobile phones will provide several new features for you to enhance your experience, with your contact list being the foremost, which will allow you to stay connected with your favorite Pixelians. 👨👩

You can now set up meet-ups, invite Pixelians to join you for a meal, watch a movie at the cinema or simply spend time together at your home. 🥳


As your Pixelian level advances through quest completion and various activities, you'll unlock a broader range of options to explore. One of the available features is the ability to install apps on your phone, including Pixjob, Flirtians and as well as applications for shopping online and ordering food.


Pixjobs is an app designed to present daily job opportunities from fellow Pixelians. If you're looking to earn some extra income, this app offers a variety of opportunities for you to explore.

You can come across job postings for deliveries, freelance musicians, artists commissioned to create portraits, janitors for cleaning other Pixelians' properties and many others.

As you submit a job application, you will get a callback within 24 hours. What's new is that you now have the flexibility to select multiple responses, and some of these choices may necessitate specific skill levels to accomplish your desired objectives.

This new feature will introduce a lot of exciting scenarios where you can put your skills to use!

As always, thank you so much for your ongoing support and we will be working hard to bring even more features to enhance your experience! ✨


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