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Kickstarter | Marking Another Stretch Goal Off Our List! 🥳

Dear future Pixelians! 👋

I want to express my profound gratitude for your support during this campaign! Upon the achievement of this stretch goal, you'll have the opportunity to embrace an even greater variety of jobs within the game.

Given that the game's diverse job offerings are a key focal point, Dream Job Bundle is set to enhance the gaming experience with lots of fascinating career opportunities, including jobs such as Doctor, Police Officer, Teacher, Racing Driver, and Lawyer. 👔

✨ This expansion will provide you with numerous new ways to earn your Pixelian's income and explore the game through a multitude of career choices. Moreover, each of these professions will come with their own distinctive mechanics and mini-games, adding a unique touch to each.

Eager to know what's on the horizon? 👀

We've got some significant news to share with you.

In response to your enthusiasm and excitement for the Kids package, we've made a decision to adjust the positions of the Kids and Olympics packages in our stretch goals list.

The Kids package will now be set at 50K, and the Olympics package will be moved to 60K, aligning with your preferences and requests. 💖

Now, let's dive into the world of Pixelings (our baby Pixelians).

We're planning to enrich the Pixelings' experience by providing players with more interactive options concerning kids. They won't be there to just linger aimlessly at your home. You will have the opportunity to nurture your children's development in various skills, be it in the arts, sports, or literature.

When they are not kids anymore, your children can choose to live with you or explore the world on their own. If they live with you, they will be able to contribute to your household by earning their own income and sharing with you. And, if your kids have a musical inclination, you might even form a family music band together. 🎸

We think about another feature that would allow players to let their kids grow after a certain amount of in-game time has passed. This means you can choose to keep them as kids indefinitely or guide them into becoming mature Pixelians.

And you will also be able to choose to adopt Pixelings as well. 👶

The choice is, as always, entirely yours!

I deeply appreciate all of your support, and I'm constantly open to your feedback, shaping the game to align with the wishes of our wonderful community.

Kaan (GingerBeard)

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