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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is making To Pixelia?

To Pixelia is being made by Pixeduo Studios which is currently managed solely by Kaan Öztürk and his cat "Felix".

  • When will To Pixelia come out?

The exact release date is not known, but it is estimated to come out in 2023, either in Q3 or Q4.

  • What's the language To Pixelia built in?

It is currently being developed in C# by using Unity Game Engine.

  • Is To Pixelia going to be available in other platforms such as consoles?

It will first be released on PC, however there are plans of making the game available for other platforms, such as Nintendo Switch, Playstation and XBox as well.

  • How long is To Pixelia? Does it have an ending?

It is a type of game that can be played as long as the player enjoys it, so there is no definite ending. The game has a lot of features to offer for players to discover, and these features will keep expanding even after the final release.    

  • What is To Pixelia? How would you describe this game?

TLDR; it is a 2D life-sim RPG in an urban environment.


In other words, you move to a place called "Pixelia" where you know nobody and they have no idea who you are as well. You can socialize and become friends with them, or you can beat the hell out of them. You can rent or buy a property, you can sleep on a bench in the park or you can temporarily spend your night at hotel. You can work as a waiter, butcher, cleaner, programmer or you can make money through sports, or art, either by painting and selling your arts, writing book and publishing them, composing songs and making albums, or simply by playing your guitar on the streets and performing... Oooor, you can just *steal* stuff, loot people, or become a politician and loot the whole country. Oops!

But as you can see, you have so many ways to play this game and it is up to you to become who you want to be.

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