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"To Pixelia" Announcement!

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

Pixeduo Studios proudly announces the development of new 2D RPG game "To Pixelia".


«Everyone has a story to tell, so what’ll be yours?»

To Pixelia is 2D open-world RPG game that takes place in a country called ‘Pixelia’. The story is about your character’s abrupt journey to Pixelia to start a new life after being kicked out of family home. The game aims to bring a realistic life experiences through 2D gameplay experience. Nothing is given to you for free, so you will have to build your life from scratch. Work your way up to the top from the bottom. Do it your way. Either that, or you may find yourself sleeping on the street.

To Pixelia presents you lots of unique interactions with over hundreds of characters as well as various career options for you to pick. You want to be a president? A rockstar? A basketball player? Maybe a best-seller writer? Or a hacker? All of them and many more are possible if you have an enough ambition.


Customize your character: With dozens of options hairstyles, facialhairs, pants, shirts, and hats to choose from, make your character’s appearance as you desire!

Design your home: Either rent or buy a place and start designing there to make it feel more like home. You will have over a thousand items which will give you more freedom to find your own style.

Choose your career path. "Pixelia" was not built in a single day, so will your career. Start with low-tier jobs such as cleaner, baker or butcher and make it to the top. For those who don’t like working; good news! There are many other alternative ways to make money that do not include ‘working’ (wink, wink).

Intriguing dialogue system: You will have more than a hundred characters to socialize with, each of them having their own unique dialogue, having their own secrets, their own personalities. Find out whom you will get along with. You can either insult them, compliment them, make a joke, or maybe just have a chit-chat with them? You will also get to choose which answers you want to give.

Rents & Bills: As your character just starts to learn how to stand on his/her feet, one of the most frustrating things he can find is paying bills and rents. Unpaid bills, no electricity. And the worse is; no water to have a shower! You wouldn’t want your smell to affect your social life, would you?

Character stats that will shape your daily life: Your character will have six different stats, each of them having a different impact on your character. These are Health, Energy, Hunger, Toilet, Hygiene and Mood. The way to peace and happiness goes through these stats.

Factions & Quests: Being part of factions have their own advantages. Doing the tasks they give you may increase your relationship with them which will grant you special perks. However, be careful! Being friendly with one faction may hinder your relationship with another.

Create your band or politic party: Depending on what your ambition is, you can either create your music band and start playing your songs to bigger audience. If you wish to be one of the most influential man in Pixelia, you should get ready to create your politic party, hire assistants and convince the public of Pixelia.

Diseases and medicines: From time to time, it is possible to get sick if your character is not eating well, not getting enough sleep or not paying enough attention to hygiene. In such cases, it is wise to pay a visit to doctor and get the right medicines if you don’t want it to get more serious.

Compose songs, write books or paint masterpieces: Do you have an artistic soul? Art has always been appreciated in Pixelia. Put your talent to work, earn money from royalties and find your own spot in Hall of Fame.

Try out different food combinations to unlock unknown recipes: One of the important skills you have to earn is cooking! You can either read books to learn about new recipes or randomly mix food elements to see whether it’s going to end up tasting good.

Live Character Portrait: Your character will directly let you know about how he feels and what he needs he/she is experiencing through his live portrait on the bottom left part of the screen. You should pay attention to what he/she has to say.

And many more is waiting to be discovered!

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