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"What does this Pixelian Dream mean?", I hear you asking...

Getting a nice little job?

Becoming popular and rich?

Designing your dream house?

For some the answer might be YES, for some NO. It is YOU who can decide what it is!

  • Write your own story. Everyone has a unique story to tell, what will be yours? Your story is completely for yours to write with many alternative paths to take.

  • Build your way up to the top. Pixelia presents everyone an equal chance to fulfill their dreams, you just need to work for it. Buying fancy cars? Becoming popular? Being respected and feared? That's up to you.

  • Design your dream home.  You can either buy a property or rent one. Design your own living space and reflect your creativity on your home. Furnish it the way you like it with hundreds of different furnitures. 

  • Discover & Socialize. Pixelia is quite a huge place, so you'd better take advantage of that! There are hundreds of Pixelians for you to interact with. It's up to you to whether befriend someone, have a romance or beat the pixel out of them.

  • Modelling is one of the many career options that you can consider. Do you have what it takes to conquer the podiums?

  • Do you aspire to become a Rockstar? Let your music decide! Compose songs, make albums and create your own music band to play at concerts!

  • Pixelia has not won the basketball title for years! Are you the star that will help them to achieve this goal?

Basketball Player

Game by Pixeduo Studios.  All rights reserved.

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